Busy Busy Busy

And just like that it’s July! Time sure does fly. I’ve been MIA for a week or so as life has kept me super busy working on a bunch of little projects…

Project #1…. The Pool!!! (This one doesn’t really qualify as a little project… more like a massive undertaking!)

For the first time… EVER… I have a pool! It’s a really big deal for me, having grown up in concrete paradise. Bonus: My son loves the water. However, I dont mind saying that this was the most physically challenging project Ive ever taken. That being said, I think it was a success…

Project #2… Prepping for the 4th of July

I’ll share my 4th of July pics on Sunday, but I took some fun candids of my son, my dog Cecilia and I goofing off as usual.  They are always there to make everything more exciting.

Project 3… A headshot!

It was finally time to break out the lighting & backdrop and take a decent headshot of myself. No excuses! So here it is…

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