Sunflower season is upon us!

Last week I spent the most amazing vacation in Ocean City, MD. Ocean City holds so much nostalgia for me so I wanted to cram as much as possible into one short week. But honestly… one week is just never enough. That being said, I have some great vacation stories and photos to share as well as two photo sessions.

Unfortunately, with all of these great photos, comes LOTS of quality time with my computer. So while I hunker down in my digital darkroom, here are some cheerful, summery Sunflower photos that I took today at Chiles Peach Orchard.

Sunflowers always make me smile.chiles sunflowers 3 wmchiles sunflowers 4 wm

chiles sunflowers 2 wm

Peek-a-boo… It looks like the bees have given this sunflower a ‘face’.

chiles sunflowers 1 wm

sunflower wm

I love how Lens Baby lenses create such a cool in-camera effect.

chiles sunflowers 5

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