All Dogs Big & Tall

I’m finally getting to work on a project that I’ve had on hold for a couple of years. I really haven’t known which direction to take this, and to be honest, it’s still evolving. That being said, while working with animal rescues over the years, I’ve noticed a huge gap in the pet industry… there are really very few plus-sized apparel options for bigger dogs. As funny as that may sound, it truly serves a greater purpose. In addition to basic functionality, it can also save lives. Some of our bigger pups get a bad rap. That stereotype alone makes it harder for many of the bigger breeds to find their happy ending. Imagine spotting a “scary pitbull” dressed up like a bumble bee. It’s going to catch your eye. After all, it’s not everyday you see a pitbull dressed up. Even if you’ve heard awful things about pitbulls, in that moment, you just might find yourself smiling with one. In that moment, despite what you may have heard, you may just gain a new perspective. Sometimes these bigger pups just need a chance.
That’s where the All Dogs Big & Tall project comes in. I initially wanted to create an entire line of plus sized dog apparel while also helping rescues and shelters. Although I haven’t totally ruled that out for the future, I truly believe that this project is more about making a connection. And quite honestly, I can barely use a sewing machine.

This has been baby steps for sure, but to finally get this ball rolling, I have decided to start with photography. I’ve volunteered to do fun “dress-up” portrait sessions with local adoptables in hopes of helping them find their forever homes. You’ll start to see some of these portraits popping up in the fall. I’m really looking forward to this as I think it has so much potential to do a lot of good. I have a bunch of fun themes planned…  everything from pin-up/rockabilly to cake smashes and super heroes. So be on the lookout!

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