Creative Projects

Every once in a while it can be fun to take a step out of the routine to play around with creative projects.

Today I created a pop art inspired self-portrait/composite by combining two images to make one final image.

pop art background wm

This first image is what I used for the background… finger prints and all. And the “Get Ill Soon” card? Well here’s a hint… it’s both an indirect musical reference and a play on the mocked thoughts shown in the second image. There is a shopping list in the background that is, unfortunately, too blurry to read. However, that list has a few extra clues for guessing the musical reference. The shopping list contains the following items: Chivas, Hot Sauce, Stir-Fry & Jell-O. Any guesses?

pop art portrait wm

I’m a big Lichtenstein fan, but I can’t draw to save my life. This is the best that I could do. Don’t judge me… there is a reason I stick to photography. 

Pop art composite wm

Here is the finished composite image.



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