Wash Day House

Skyline drive and an old house with an interesting story…
I went on an adventure to find this house I believe is called “the wash day house”. During a pop-up event in December, customers often asked if I had a photo of the “wash day house”.  I was completely clueless. Intrigued, I had to learn more. From what I understand, this house has a clothesline and depending on the type of clothing and colors on the line, people would know the kind of moonshine in the works .

I went on a hunt and finally located this special house. Although the chimney was going strong, it seems as though there was no moonshine available. Unfortunately there wasnt a place to pull over where I could safely photograph it, so I had to do it on the fly while driving by.

I am really happy with how it turned out. Is love to see it with clothes on the line.

I took skyline drive on my way home and enjoyed a cool foggy view as well. It was truly a fun way to spend a dreary afternoon.


The foggy drive home along Skyline Drive


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