Shopping My Virtual Booth

Hi! If you will be shopping my virtual booth during one of my events, I’ve worked on giving you a few options that will, hopefully, make it easy.

Option 1: just click on my drop down menu and select SHOP. All of my live show pieces can be found there.

Option 2: if you don’t like shopping from websites, but saw something during this live show that you LOVE, just message me and I will email you an invoice. Or stop by OASIS in Harrisonburg and see it all in person.

Option 3: you saw an image in my gallery or social media that caught your eye but you don’t see it for sale yet in my shop. Message me and I can place a special order just for you.

Here is the link to PREREGISTER for the event (free):

I hope this has been helpful. Thanks so much for your patience while we adjust to these fun new ways to show our art. And as always, thanks for supporting the arts!

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