This week promises to be a busy one, so I have been doing a little bit of housekeeping. While going back through some of my memory cards, I stumbled upon a few shots that I wanted to share.

It’s one of my favorite spots, during one of my favorite times of the day…

Ravens Roost at sunset. It never disappoints.Ravens Roost View wmRavens Roost View3 wmRavens Roost View2 wmravens roost view 4wm

Have a great week!

Forgotten Favorites

I hope this New Year’s Eve is a happy and safe one for each of you. This has been a great year for me and I look forward to many fun and exciting things to come in 2018.

Here are a few of my favorite landscape shots from this year and a couple of forgotten favorites from 2016.

As you may know, I began offering portraits this year, but they truly deserve their own post, so I will feature them next.

Thank you again and Have a Happy New Year!


Spring 2017

Summer 2017

Fall 2017


Winter 2017


A couple of my forgotten favorites from 2016




What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays as much as I have.

This year, I took the opportunity to reserve the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for family as much as possible… in honor of the many years when it wasn’t an option for me.

With the New Year on the horizon, I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support on this new journey. With so many opportunities and plans in the works, I am really looking forward to the coming year.

That being said, I did get to sneak out to shoot some local landscapes recently. Here are a few of the newbies added to the Shenandoah Valley Collection…


Sunset at the Ravens Roost Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway


That sunset, that tree, the moon… I couldn’t resist. 📷


Our first snow of the season…



Heavy Fog + Intense Pink Sunset = Magic


Sunset is my favorite color


That sky 💗


Hole Punch Cloud

Happy Holidays!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, filling their hearts and bellies with both thankfulness and turkey!

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Thanks so much & Happy Holidays!

Black Friday Fun!

This past weekend I traveled back to Baltimore, MD for a session with Lauren, Mike and little Cola. I had such a good time! And seriously, how adorable is little Cola..  she even had her own little ice cream sundae dish 💗.

Although I still have more images to work through, I was eager to share a few highlights… AND to give my slideshow app a test drive😀

Here are a few of the pics from last week

Lauren, Mike & Cola

I know I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been working on some really great projects and preparing for the holidays.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to…

1) Foliage!

Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains never disappoints!

2) All things Spooky on Halloween…

Well kinda… it’s really just a cloudy day at the Humpback Rock Visitor Center.

3) But wait! There’s more!

I got a Facebook feature by my favorite lens company. If you’re looking for a new way to express yourself through photography, and you don’t mind the slight learning curve, Lensbaby doesn’t disappoint.

4) Preparing for the holidays…

Working on putting together some fun stuff for the holiday minis. I had some extra cute testers helping me 💗

I have more fun to share, but you’ll have to catch that in my next post. Don’t worry, that should only take a few minutes. I’m playing catch up 😁

Golden Leaves, Pumpkins and the Holidays

I was very fortunate to catch some really cool sky candy recently…

Below is a glimpse of the Orionid Meteor Shower on Friday night. Bonus catch: Milky Way core visibility 💗

Below is a shot from my backyard yesterday of a sun halo, sun dogs and a circumzenithal arc.

Note: You can’t see the arc in the image, but you can view it in the following video. (I apologize in advance for my awful video skills).

Fall Sky Candy!