Sunday afternoon (after a somewhat stressful week) I decided to leave my camera gear at home, turn my phone on airplane mode and just spend a few hours 100% submerged in toddler life. I witnessed, first hand, the excitement in smelling flowers, the thrill of watching a truck speed down a slide and the fun of splashing water in a pool filled with rubber duckies. And I did it all without being distracted by the worries of the world.  It was wonderfully refreshing and so much fun!!!!

What happens when you unplug for an afternoon with a toddler

This little project happened a bit by chance.¬†My photography journey has¬†taken me on¬†many adventures.¬†One adventure was¬†on a¬†search¬†for waterfalls.¬†Crabtree Falls is a lovely¬†local spot¬†that I’ve¬†been fortunate enough¬†to¬†visit several times this year.¬†While sorting through some of my images, I realized that I had taken a photo in ALMOST every season… every season but Spring.¬†So last week, I made my way to Crabtree Falls¬†for the 4th and final piece to this seasonal set.



4 Seasons of Crabtree Falls

Waterfall Summer 2a


Crabtree Falls Autumn




crabtree falls spring darker


4 Seasons of Crabtree Falls

Erin Harrigan Photography

I wasn’t blessed with the ability to paint, draw or dance with grace. But something special happened when I picked up a camera… I couldn’t put it down.¬†But that alone doesn’t make me a photographer anymore than loving spoons makes me a chef.¬†The¬†moment¬†when I knew¬†photography was “my thing” was in a moment of total failure, a¬†moment when I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. Normally that would have made me doubt myself and maybe even give up altogether… but that isn’t what happened. It was in that moment, when I¬†was¬†motivated to learn more and work harder that I knew my journey had begun. And now I am here…

I have a lot to share and I thank you for sharing it with me.

Photo Mar 18, 4 24 49 PM